General Questions

  • Do all faculty members have to use Digital Measures for their annual performance reviews? Yes, beginning in 2017, all CAFE faculty members are asked to use Digital Measures to report their activities for annual performance reviews.
  • Are the trainings required? No, but it will save you a lot of time and effort if you attend a training. Not everything you see in Digital Measures is required by CAFE. The trainings will help you understand what items are required and what are not, as well as tips for speeding up your data entry process. You can RSVP for a training session at this link.
  • Do I have to enter my entire CV into Digital Measures? No, you are only asked to enter activities for the past two years (for tenured faculty) or past year (for non-tenured faculty).
  • If I used Digital Measures last year, do I have to re-enter everything this year? No, items are stored year-to-year, so you only have to enter achievements and activities that occurred since the previous annual performance review.
  • By what date must my activities be entered into Digital Measures? The final deadline has not yet been set, but it will be in mid-October, around the same time that annual performance review materials are usually due.
  • Where do I upload my teaching portfolio and narrative statement? Teaching portfolios and narrative statements are still uploaded to the CAFE online faculty performance review system as in years past. They are not entered into Digital Measures.
  • Where do I enter activity XYZ? Start by checking the Data Entry Guide. Most activities are covered in the Data Entry Guide , but some are very unique and might need a more personalized solution. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the Data Entry Guide, call or email Megan Lucy (; (859)-257-7249), and she can offer advice on where your activity best fits.
  • Can I preview the output of Digital Measures to make sure that my activities are appearing correctly? Yes, from the menu on the left side of Digital Measures, select “Run Reports.” From the list of reports, choose, “College of AgFE CV.” Be sure to select the correct start and end dates. For 2018 APRs, the correct start and end dates are January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018. Then select “Run Report,” in the top right corner of the screen. This will download your report as it will appear in the final version, based on the information you have entered.
  • Can the final CV be re-ordered based on my DOE? No, the order of the final CV report is standard for all CAFE Faculty Members. Remember, these reports are only for the purposes of annual performance reviews, and should not be thought of in the same way you would think of a career CV. The standard order helps reviewers to know where to expect each activity to appear. It is not meant to reflect the relative importance of the activities or areas of work. All of the department chairs, associate deans, and the Dean know that the orders of the reports are standardized and do not interpret the order to signify the relative importance of activities. Your DOE appears in the CAFE online faculty performance review system and reviewers will consult it as they evaluate your work.
  • Do I have to fill out every open field in Digital Measures? No, definitely not. You should consult the Data Entry Guide and only enter data into the fields listed as “relevant data fields” for each activity type. These are the fields that the Department Chairs and Deans have agreed are relevant to annual performance reviews in CAFE.
  • What happens is I enter data into a field not listed as relevant in the Data Entry Guide? Data entered into any field not listed as relevant in the Data Entry Guide will not appear on your annual performance review report.



  • Why don’t my Fall 2018 courses appear under Scheduled Teaching? Fall 2018 courses will not be loaded into Digital Measures until after the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Why am I missing teacher course evaluations? There are two possible reasons that teacher course evaluations could be missing. If you are missing Spring 2018 teacher course evaluations this is because they have not yet been loaded into the system. They will be loaded before your APR materials are due in October. If you are missing teacher course evaluation scores for courses in other semesters, the most likely reason is that the course did not have a high enough enrollment, or not enough students responded to the TCE survey for the scores to be reported.



  • Why are there already some publications entered in Intellectual Contributions? There are three possibilities here. First, the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment uploads all numbered Extension publications into Digital Measures using data from Ag Communications in order to save you time. Second, ahead of the 2018 annual performance review cycle, Megan Lucy uploaded as many publications as she was able to from Web of Science, again, to save you time. If one of the uploaded publications is incorrect, simply delete it from your profile. Third, publications only have to be entered once, by one author in order to appear in all of the authors’ profiles in Digital Measures. If one of your coauthors already entered a publication, you do not have to re-enter it. Just check to make sure that you agree with everything your coauthor entered.
  • When will grant information from OSPA be updated? We hope to have frequent updates over the next several months, but do not have exact dates. At the latest, the grants data will be updated in September or early October.
  • When will federal formula funding be updated? We will update federal formula funding data in mid-September in order to capture as much as possible before the APR deadline.
  • Are impact factors required on all journal articles? Yes, impact factors are required on all journal articles. You are expected to look up the impact factors for your journals and enter them into Digital Measures. See these instructions for directions. The exception to this is for journals that do not have impact factors, in that case, the impact factor field may be left blank.



  • Why are some Extension items entered on screens under other headings in Digital Measures? Some activity types, such as publishing intellectual contributions and contributing content to media outlets, are done both by Extension and non-Extension faculty. Reporting these activities on the same screens for both Extension and non-Extension faculty, but marking the Extension relevant ones with the “Extension- yes/no” field allows the college flexibility when preparing reports based on the data. Depending on the report, the college may want to include both Extension and non-Extension activities, or the college may want to separate them out.
  • If I used Digital Measures last year, do I have to re-enter Extension data I entered last year into the new screens? The Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment has moved the affected Extension data from last year into the appropriate new screens. You should just need to check your data for accuracy after this move.

For other questions about Digital Measures and CAFE, please call the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment at (859)-257-7249, or email Megan Lucy at