University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbaticals are covered by GR X-11, 12.

Because sabbaticals require Board of Trustees’ approval, proposals should be submitted a minimum of six months in advance of the leave start date.


1.  Faculty member contacts Department Chair/Unit Director to inform him or her of sabbatical interest and intent.  Faculty member and Chair discuss how the faculty member’s responsibilities will be covered.  If the faculty member’s assignment resides outside an academic department, both the Academic Chair and the Unit Director must be notified.  Department Chair/Unit Director consults with the Dean, if the sabbatical plan is not routine.


2.  After preliminary approval by the chair, faculty member provides Department Chair/Unit Director with a formal written sabbatical request including:

                    A.  ​Cover letter outlining the request

                    B.  Completed and signed UK Sabbatical Leave Application

                    C.  Sabbatical proposal (two pages or less) including following details:

  • Objective
  • Timetable (include actual starting and ending dates)
  • Typical length of leave and salary support
    • Semester (full pay)
    • Full Year (half pay)
  • Description of how the leave will be used--when, where, what will be accomplished/nature of activities
  • List of expected outcomes and timeline
  • Outline of regularly assigned activities during the leave period and suggestions regarding identification of personnel and resources to cover these responsibilities (such as research, teaching, committees, etc.)
  • Description of how the leave will benefit the department, college, and university
  • Current CV

3.  Department chair submits a PDF document attached to e-mail to Lisa Collins, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration. The attachment includes the proposal, with a Chair’s cover letter endorsing the proposal and noting whether the faculty member has a 9-month appointment or 12-month appointment, verification that teaching and other assignments will be covered, and the signed application.  If the faculty member’s assignment resides outside an academic department, both the Academic Chair and Unit Director send either a joint statement of endorsement, or two separate letters of endorsement.


4.  If approved, the Dean writes a letter of support and the packet is forwarded to the Provost, then the Board of Trustees. 


5.  Once the proposal is approved by the Provost/BOT, the Assistant Dean’s Office notifies the Department Chair/Director and faculty member, including a request for a report (due 60 days after the end date of the leave) at the conclusion of sabbatical leave. 


6.  No more than 60 days after the end date of the sabbatical, the faculty member should prepare a summary statement of their sabbatical outcomes based on their proposal. The report should include:

  • Summary and timeline
  • Objectives 
  • List of achieved outcomes
  • List of outcomes in progress
  • Brief description of how these outcomes will benefit the department, college and university.
  • The report should be no more than 2 pages in 12-point font.

Submit the report attached to email to Megan Lucy in the Assistant Dean’s Office at



A note on benefits during sabbatical:


Extension faculty members with civil service status should work with Rosemary Veach, CAFE Administrative Business Officer, 257-9833,, to determine how federal regulations might affect benefits.  For faculty members not in civil service status, the only affected benefit is retirement contributions, which are reduced to half during a full-year leave with half pay. 


Faculty members enrolled in UK health insurance: be sure to check with the Benefits Office if the sabbatical will be in a location away from the Lexington service area or if the sabbatical involves being out of the United States for 90 days or longer. 


Additionally, please see the Provost’s memo regarding the effect of sabbatical on vacation benefits.


For more information about UK benefits, please contact Joey Payne in HR Benefits, 257-9185,





For information, contact Dr. Lisa Collins, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration, or Betsy Kephart, Administrative Research Associate Principal.