University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

SACS Substantive Change Policy

What is Substantive Change?


November 2014 Email Message from G.T. Lineberry, Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement ant Institutional Effectiveness 

October 2013 Memorandum from Director, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

May 2012 Memorandum from VP for IRPE 

August 2011 Memorandum from VP for IRPE and Assoc. Provost for Acad. Admin.

February 2011 Memorandum from VP for IRPE

August 2010 Memorandum from VP for IRPE

February 2010 Memorandum from VP for IRPE



Fall 2014

  • Update on Undergraduate Certificate in Distillation, Wine & Brewing Studies in the Department of Horticulture

Spring 2014

  • Revision of Hospitality and Dietetic Administration Graduate Program to Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems
  • Landscape Architecture bachelor of science program change
  • Brewery Science certificate program—application is incomplete and not yet left the college
  • AGIDEA graduate certificate in advanced horticulture
  • Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles master’s to Retailing & Tourism Management master’s

Fall 2013

  • Department of Plant Pathology dual degrees with two universities in Brazil
  • Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering online MS degree program
  • Department of Community & Leadership Development modification in MS in CTL program
  • Department of Community & Leadership Development new undergraduate certificate program, with the College of Education

Spring 2012

  • NFS admission policy
  • FCS program suspension

Spring 2010   

  • NFS/MAT reorganization
  • Integrated Plant and Soil Sciences proposal to form a new PhD program 

Fall 2010

  • Community & Leadership Development-undergraduate degree curriculum change




For information, contact Dr. Lisa Collins, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration, or Betsy Kephart, Administrative Research Associate Principal.