Andrea Higdon
Emergency Management System Director
UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
N-212B Ag Science North
Lexington, KY 40546-0091
Fax: 859-323-1991

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In order to be thoughtfully prepared for potential classroom emergencies, we are asking you to add the language below to your course syllabus.  We would also highly recommend that you yourselves be signed up for the UK Emergency Alert system with a device that you have available to you on your person in the classroom. 

Recommended syllabus text:

"If an emergency arises in this classroom, building or vicinity, your instructor will advise you of actions to follow to enhance your safety. If a situation requires emergency shelter (i.e., during a severe weather event), the nearest shelter location is <insert location here>. If building evacuation occurs (i.e., fire alarm), follow posted evacuation routes and assemble at <insert the evacuation location> so the instructor can help ensure their students have evacuated the building safely and they are not hindering emergency personnel access to the building. If you may require assistance during an emergency, notify the instructor at the beginning of the semester. In order to prepare for emergencies while on campus please view the emergency response guidelines at the UK Division of Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness website: ( To receive emergency messages, sign up for UK Alert ( Always turn cellular phones to silent mode when entering the classroom. If you observe or receive an emergency alert, immediately and calmly inform your instructor.”


The following information is provided to facilitate entering location-specific information into the suggested text. 

Specific shelter and evacuation instructions for CAFE buildings can be found here:

For all other UK buildings:

  • Shelter locations - the National Weather Service recommends seeking severe weather shelter in a windowless interior room or hallway on the lowest level of the building.
  • Evacuation locations - instructors should look for the evacuation plans (often posted near stairwells) and identify the nearest two exits (in the event the primary exit is not safe to use) and assemble together a safe distance outside the building away from the exits (to not block entry of first responders).