There are three aspects to hiring a new faculty member: position creation, searches, and appointments. Please review the following webpages for guidance on each.

Position Creation


Academic Appointments


You will find additional information regarding new faculty hires at these links: 

Board of Trustees Schedule

New Faculty Onboarding Checklist

Guidelines for Offer Letters to New Faculty

Overloads and Consulting           

UK Graduate Degree Certification Letters

Teaching Credentials

Dual Career Services 

How to Create Digital Signatures


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Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment

Brian Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment


Lisa Collins, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
(Cell) 859-797-0011


Megan Lucy, M.P.A. 
Assistant Director of Faculty Resources


Tricia Coakley, M.P.A.
Assistant Director of Planning and Assessment

L-104 Ag Science Center North
1100 S. Limestone
Lexington, KY 40546-0091

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