The Clinical Title Series is covered by AR 2:6.

 The following instructions are for appointing a new faculty member to a clinical title series position that already exists. If a position you wish to fill does not currently exist, you must first complete the steps to create a position

1.  Locate the original, approved position description. If the position description needs revision, you are creating a new position, not filling an existing position, therefore see instructions to create a position

2.  Receive concurrence from all full-time faculty members in the department, by email or faculty meeting, that the position description does not need revision and that the need exists to fill the position. This concurrence should be recorded either in meeting minutes or by email.  

3.  Request permission from the Dean. Draft an email memorandum to the Dean noting faculty concurrence and requesting permission to fill the position.  CC Lisa Collins ( this email. Attach the position description. Example.  

4.  Once the Dean has given email permission to fill the position, an open, competitive search must be held. Review Faculty Position Searches for guidelines on how searches must be conducted. 

5.  Form your search committee and notify your faculty about the composition of the committee. 

6.  Post the position through the Human Resources Integrated Employment system (IES). Be certain to follow established advertising guidelines.  HR will assist.  

7.  After the top candidates have been identified, arrange for the Dean and Associate Deans to interview the candidates. 

8.  When the search is complete and a suitable candidate is selected, the Department Chair writes an offer letter to the candidate and seeks concurrence from all faculty members in the department with voting privileges, by email or by faculty meeting. Remember, that it is best for new faculty to start on the first day of a month. The draft offer letter is then sent to the dean, the Assistant Dean for Academic Administration, and the appropriate associate deans, for review.   See offer letter guidelines.

 9.  After the Chair has received a signed offer letter, the Department should work with the new hire to fill out the required paperwork from the Office of Human Resources (for instance, the I-9 form) and enter the new hire’s information in to IRIS/SAP. 

10. Complete the New Faculty Demographic Worksheet. 

11.  Request the following credentials from the candidate to attach to the New Faculty Demographic Worksheet.

  •  Original, official transcript of highest degree. Additional transcripts are required if the candidate’s highest degree is not in the same discipline as the hiring department, or if the candidate has more than one terminal degree.
  • Career CV
  • Any additional information needed for the New Faculty Demographic worksheet. 

12.  Compile the Appointment Packet and submit it to the Assistant Dean for Academic Administration. The completed appointment packet should include:

  • Faculty Demographic Worksheet
  • Dean’s approval of request to fill the position
  • Approved position description
  • Career CV
  • Original, official transcript(s)
  • List of names and ranks of all unit faculty members with voting privileges and their written affirmation or non-affirmation of the candidate.  This may be a summary statement, such as “the faculty vote in favor of this appointment was unanimous.”
  • Signed offer letter


Submit the appointment packet to:

            Megan Lucy

            CAFE Assistant Dean’s Office

            L-104 Ag Science Center North

13.  The Assistant Dean’s office will respond with an Academic Appointment Form, a Teaching Credentials Form (as needed), and Teaching Credential justification form (if SACS requirements have not been met), attached to email. Obtain signatures and return to the Assistant Dean’s office, attached to email.


Electronic signatures are acceptable on all documents.


Clinical title series appointments at the rank of assistant professor and higher are not to exceed five years or, if a lesser period of time, the period of funding from clinical practice, contracts, grants, or other sources.  A faculty member may be reappointed in the Clinical Title Series for one or more additional terms, contingent upon continuity of approved funding and the individual’s performance and accomplishments.