Because phased retirements require Board of Trustees’ approval, requests should be made with as much lead time as possible; the formal request should be submitted six months in advance of the start date. See AR 3:2 and HR


The steps:

1. Faculty member contacts Department Chair (and Unit Director, if appropriate) regarding phased retirement interest and intent. Example letter to chair.  

2. Faculty member verifies with a retirement officer in the Employee Benefits Office that he or she is eligible for phased retirement. This “service check” can be accomplished by calling 257-9519, option 3. 

3. Department Chair/Unit Director informs the Dean via email. CC Lisa Collins ( on this email.  Upon preliminary approval by the Dean, the faculty member proceeds with the process. 

4. Faculty member provides Department Chair/Unit Director with formal written phased retirement request (cover letter, completed and notarized HR form, and an outline of teaching, research, and service assignments to be fulfilled during the phased retirement period).

5. Department Chair and/or Unit Director submits the request for phased retirement to the Dean with cover letter indicating support.


Submit the packet to:

Megan Lucy
CAFE Assistant Dean's Office
L-104 Ag Science Center North


6. If approved, the department is notified to complete an Academic Appointment Form (E02) that reflects the phased retirement.  This form is included with the other documents that go to the Provost and the Board of Trustees.

7. Once the request is approved by the Provost and Board of Trustees, the Dean’s Office contacts the department and the faculty member. The completed documents reside in the faculty member’s SPF. 

8. The faculty member should work with his or her Department Chair/Unit Director and payroll officer to ensure the payroll assignment reflects the phased retirement agreement.

9. Before requesting phased retirement, please be sure to check with Joey Payne in HR Benefits, 257‐9185, and read Administrative Regulation AR 3:2, Phased Retirement Policy and Program.