University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Department Statistical Reports 2009-2010


Data Source Key


DEPARTMENTAL REPORT                               COMPOSITE

Agricultural Economics                                           AEC

Animal and Food Sciences                                     AFS

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering               BAE

Community and Leadership Development             CLD

Entomology                                                             ENT

Family Studies                                                        FAM

Forestry                                                                  FOR

Horticulture                                                             HORT

Landscape Architecture                                          LA

UKVDL (formerly LDDC)                                         N/A

Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles                      MAT

Multi-disciplinary Programs                                     N/A

Nutrition and Food Science                                     NFS

Plant Pathology                                                       PPA

Plant and Soil Sciences                                          PSS

Veterinary Science                                                  VS