CAFE Departmental Periodic Program Review Schedule

Checklist for Periodic Program Reviews 
Please note: Due to Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, students cannot be identified specifically by name within departmental self-studies. You may refer to students generally.

Implementation Plan Template 
AR 1:4, Part 4

2017-2018 Departmental and Multi-Disciplinary Program Reviews  

Plant and Soil Sciences (September 24-26, 2017) 
Self Study
Site Visit Agenda

Animal and Food Sciences (October 15-18, 2017) 
Self Study
Site Visit Agenda

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (Dates to be determined) 

2016-2017 Departmental and Multi-Disciplinary Program Reviews

Agricultural Economics (October 9-11, 2016) 
Agricultural Economics Periodic Program Review documents

Veterinary Science (October 23-26, 2016)
Veterinary Science Periodic Program Review documents

Entomology (November 13-15, 2016) 
Entomology Periodic Program Review documents

Family Sciences (November 20-22)

Self Study
Self Study Appendices
Site Visit Agenda 


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