Office of the Dean
Office of the Dean

2020 Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards

2020 Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards



2020 Winners


Christy Cassady, Extension Specialist, Horticulture, 21 years of service  
Meg Steinman, Serology Section Head, UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, 14 years of service   

Office and Clerical 

Kristen Guinn, Senior Administrative Services Assistant, Agricultural Economics, 7 years of service  

Pamela Renner, 4-H Program Assistant, Henry County, 5 years of service (County Extension Office Category)

Stephanie Gamblin, Administrative Support Associate, UKREC, 14 years of service   

Service/Maintenance/Skilled Crafts and Farm Management 

Jason Conn, Auto Mechanic III, Fleet Services, 13 years of service  

Technical and Paraprofessional 

Kwangwon Son, Research Analyst, Animal & Food Sciences, 18 years of service 

Karen Pulliam, IS Tech Support Specialist II, Agricultural Economics, 27 years of service 

Jeanne Hartman, Senior Laboratory Technician, Plant & Soil Sciences, 16 years of service  

2020 Nominees

Executive, Administrative, Managerial, Non-Professional Category

Christy Cassady, Extension Specialist, Horticulture
21 years of service

Jamie Dunn, Assistant Dean for Advising and Student Success, Center for Student Success
15 years of service

Mary Hammons, Administrative Staff Officer II, Veterinary Science
13 years of service

Carl Harper, Senior Nursery Inspector, Entomology
24 years of service

Andrea Higdon, Emergency Management System Director, CAFE Dean's Office
15 years of service

Megan Lucy, Assistant Director of Faculty Resources, Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment
6 years of service

Robert Perry, Chef & Food Labs Coordinator, Dietetics & Human Nutrition
12 years of service

Executive, Administrative, Managerial, Non-Professional Category

Kirsten Scoggin, Scientist II, Veterinary Science
11 years of service

Tymory Stanton, Administrative Staff Officer II, Entomology
4 years of service

Meg Steinman, Serology Section Head, UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
14 years of service

William Sympson, Engineer Associate IV, Research Farms
8 years of service

Brian Volland, Visualization Media Specialist, Agriculture Communications
7 years of service

Tina Ward, College Business Officer, CAFE Business Center
27 years of service

Kristen Wilson, Academic Coordinator, Equine Programs
7 years of service

Brett Wolff, Extension Specialist, Agricultural Economics
7 years of service

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