A Message from the Dean

Dean Nancy CoxThe university conducted the UK@work Survey in 2015.  The survey is designed to give useful information on many measures of job satisfaction at UK, and approximately 30% of CAFE faculty and staff completed the survey.  All unit leaders in the college received unit-specific results of the survey, as long as there were 10 or more responses from their units. In general, average scores of job satisfaction were higher for our college than the overall “Provost Units” average, and were higher for staff than for faculty. We are certainly proud that our college results were positive in many ways. 

There are some things our college administrative team, along with chairs and unit directors, are working on, and we have created Action Steps associated with these goals at the unit and college levels. Some responses that concerned the leadership team were about inadequate facilities, communication from leadership, and compensation. Therefore, we are seeking ways to improve the work environment in CAFE in several arenas. You will be hearing from the college administration and your unit director about plans to improve the work environment to the extent we can.  While it is hard for us to affect building infrastructure in the short run, we are trying to be more responsive in working with physical plant for on-campus buildings.  As to communication, we plan to send frequent updates on progress for this UK Work Action Plan. As to compensation, Goal 3 of the CAFE Strategic Plan (see below) relates to supporting staff and faculty:  

Recruit, develop, and retain exceptional faculty and staff who are leaders in expanding knowledge to improve the quality of life and sustainability of the human and physical environment.

  • Goal 3A: By 2017, recommend policies and procedures to promote hiring and retention of high quality faculty and staff. 
  • Goal 3B: Full-time faculty and staff will attend at least one professional development, continuing education, or business-procedure training on an annual basis. 
  • Goal 3C: Using categories of faculty and staff, annually review compensation for at least one category per year with the goal of completing all by 2020 and repeat the reviews at least once every five years thereafter. 

Please stay tuned as we continue to work on the UK@Work Action Plans.  And please know that improving where we work and how we work is a priority. The links below provide more information about UK@Work, our plans, and an opportunity, through the comment box to provide additional suggestions. 

Human Resources- UK@Work

Presentation on UK@Work 

CAFE UK@Work Survey Results

College Level Timeline

Department and Unit Level Timeline

UK@Work Suggestions for CAFE

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