Project Leader: 
Jennifer Hunter
Department of Family Sciences
Funding Received: 

"Couponing for a Cause" will be a service-learning component integrated into the FAM
402:Issues in Family Resource Management coursework. The class will be divided into five
groups, each group would identify a community/non-profit organization, which provides a service
to individuals and/or families, such as The Nest or The Hope Center. Each group will meet with
a representative from the organization and discuss the donation needs of organization and the
people they serve, for example toiletries, diapers, cleaning supplies, etc. Each student group will
then be responsible for planning, coordinating, and completing an "extreme couponing" buy for the
organization. The goal this project is not to teach the students to become extreme couponers but it
is designed to reinforce many of the course concepts (spending-saving plans, budgeting, resource
management, and organizational skills). Furthermore, many of our students will graduate and seek
careers in "helping professions," this activity would provide them an opportunity to explore
potential career paths and learn about some of the everyday struggles experience by the audience
they seek to work with in the future.