Welcome to the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment. We aim to simplify the lives of faculty and department chairs in the College of Agriculture, Food and the Environment by providing timely and helpful resources on a variety of administrative issues. We work with faculty career planning from the first steps of searching to fill a position, through promotion and tenure, and eventually earning emeritus status. We also guide the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment towards future success by directing college strategic planning, program review, accreditation and assessment efforts. If you have questions about any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact Associate Dean Brian Lee, or one of our office staff members.   

Dr. Brian Lee
Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment

L-104 Agriculture Science Center North
(859) 218-7991


Department Chair

Megan Lucy

Assistant Director of Faculty Resources

L-104 Agriculture Science Center North
(859) 257-7249