The following steps are followed to fill an endowed position: 

1. When an endowed term is nearing expiration, the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment sends an inquiry to the Department Chair with the endowment agreement attached. 

2. The Chair determines whether or not the position will be refilled, based on available income and the terms of the endowment agreement. 

3. The chair works with the Dean, appropriate Associate Dean(s), and Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment on the creation of an appointment committee. 

4.  The Chair and/or selection committee notifies all departmental faculty about the selection process. 

5. The Chair notifies the Dean and the Associate Dean when the appointment committee has reached a  decision. The Dean approves the selection.

6. The Associate Dean prepares a Board of Trustees action and forwards the paperwork to the Provost's office for provost and Board of Trustees approval. 


Faculty Holding Endowed Positions