1.    The first two steps to creating a new faculty position are:

  • In cooperation with departmental faculty, write a position description. Please remember to include service DOE, as appropriate. Departments should consider writing the position to be "open rank" rather than limited to assistant professor, if they think there is a chance they may want to hire a candidate in a senior rank. 
  • Send an email request to the Dean to create the position (please cc the Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment).  After the Dean, Associate Deans as appropriate, and the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment have reviewed the position description, the Dean notifies the Chair regarding approval to create the position. Example memo

2.    After the Dean has approved the request, and depending on the title series, the Dean’s Office might send the request to the Provost.


  • The following title series require approval from the Provost when creating a new position.
    •  Research (requires a signature form)
    •  Special (also requires Area Committee approval)
    •  Clinical
    •  Adjunct
  • The following title series do not require Provost’s approval to create new positions:
    •  Regular
    •  Extension
    •  Lecturer
    •  Senior Lecturer (although the provost has to approve an initial appointment at the Senior Lecturer level)


3.    Complete the SAP Position Number Creation Request Form and submit to LeAnne Herzog at Leanne.herzog@uky.edu. This step is not required for adjunct positions, unless the department wants the adjunct faculty member to appear in SAP. 


4.    Once the position is approved by the Provost (or Dean if Provost’s approval is not required), the department chair will be notified and may begin the open, competitive search. Please review the Position Searches webpage for information regarding the search process.