Faculty temporary disability/sick leave procedures are determined by the amount of work days the faculty member needs to be absent.  Click here for more information.

To request Family Medical or Temporary Disability Leave in CAFE  a faculty member should fill out the HR Request for Family and Medical Leave form, and send it to the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment. This can be done by email to Megan Lucy (megan.lucy@uky.edu). If the faculty member wishes to, they may instead elect to send the form directly to Associate Provost G.T. Lineberry. 

Department Chairs of faculty members requesting leave should complete the CAFE Family Medical Leave approval form and return it to the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment by email to Megan Lucy (megan.lucy@uky.edu). 

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Family Medical Leave Act has been expanded to cover additional leave options for those affected by COVID-19. More information about these additional and expanded leave types is available through UK Human Resources. 

All  assistant professors in a tenure-track title series should also be advised about Automatic Delay of Probationary Periods & form completion

For more information, please contact Megan Lucy.