Part-Time Instructor appointments are covered by AR 2:1-1 and the Provost's Policy 4 and Policy 5

Academic appointments and payroll assignments for part time instructors are handled separately. For instruction on payroll assignment through SAP for part time instructors, including information about start and end dates and health insurance eligibility please see the Quick Reference Guide on Part-Time Instructors. 

For UK staff members whose MJRs (major job responsibilities) include teaching credit-bearing UK courses, this responsibility cannot be more than 25 percent of their total MJRs. 

Academic appointments for part time instructors may be created on a fiscal year basis (July 1- June 30) regardless of start and end dates on their payroll assignment. The start and end dates on the PTI’s E02 do not guarantee employment for the full period, as courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment.  

Reappointing Current or Past PTIs: Note that part-time faculty may have gaps of up to three years between re-appointments before requiring a new initial appointment contract. If a department needs to reappoint a PTI who has been inactive for less than three years, the department needs to send, in writing, the effective date of the reappointment to Megan Lucy at


Instructions for NEW PTI Appointments:  

1.  Receive concurrence from faculty members in the department, by email or faculty meeting, on what responsibilities the PTI will have. This concurrence should be recorded either in meeting minutes or by email.  

2.  When a suitable candidate is selected, the Department Chair writes an offer letter to the candidate. The Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment is available to review the draft offer letter. The offered pay needs to comply with the Part-Time Instructor Rate Schedule.The start and end dates in the offer letter should match those in the PTI’s payroll assignment, not necessarily the ones on their academic appointment form (E02). See the Quick Reference Guide on Part-Time Instructors for guidance on start and end dates. The following templates are available to help in drafting offer letters:

Part-time Instructor Offer Letter Template for UK Employee

Part-time Instructor Offer Letter Template for non-UK Employee 

3.  Be aware of the SACS Faculty Credentials Guidelines

4. Post the position in the IES portal, using the direct user function, not as an open search, but in order to complete the background check requirements for hiring. For questions about IES, please contact Le Anne Herzog.  

5.  After the Chair has received a signed offer letter, the Department should work with the new hire to fill out the required paperwork from the Office of Human Resources (for instance, the I-9 form) and enter the new hire’s information in to IRIS/SAP. 

6.  Complete the New Faculty Demographic Worksheet. 

7.  Request the following credentials from the candidate to attach to the New Faculty Demographic Worksheet.

  • Original, Official Transcript of highest degree. Additional transcripts are required if the candidate’s highest degree is not in the same discipline as the hiring department, or if the candidate has more than one terminal degree.
  • Career CV
  • Any additional information needed for the New Faculty Demographic Worksheet, including any past or current assignments with any other UK college. 

8.  Compile the Appointment Packet and submit it to the Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment. The completed appointment packet should include:

  • New Faculty Demographic Worksheet
  • Career CV
  • Original, official transcripts
  • Signed offer letter
  • If the candidate has ever taught in another UK college, or will be teaching in another UK college concurrently with the CAFE assignment, include this information in a note to Megan Lucy. 

9. The Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment will respond with an Academic Appointment Form, Teaching Credentials Form, and Teaching Credential Justification Form (if SACS requirements have not been met), attached to email. Obtain signatures and return to the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment, attached to email.