Project Leader: 
Peter Nagy
Department of Plant Pathology
Funding Received: 

Dr. Nagy will organize a half-day minisymposium on infectious diseases at UKY. The invited speakers will be
Prof. Craig Roy, Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis and of Immunobiology; Vice-Chair, Department of Microbial Pathogenesis, Yale University and  Dr. Nihal Altan-Bonnet, Laboratory of Host-Pathogen Dynamics
NHLBI, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda and speakers from UKY, including Prof. Becky Dutch and Peter D. Nagy. The goal is to bring together the leaders of the field of infectious diseases with the idea to form a working group that will be involved in new areas of research- such as pathogen effector biology and to organize a future international KEYSTONE meeting on "cellular membrane remodeling by pathogens" in 2019. This minisymposium will likely foster collaborative research work with grant applications to NIH and NSF.