• 14 academic units offer 18 undergraduate and 12 graduate degree programs
  • 3,143 students are enrolled
  • 770 students receive degrees each year
  • 269 faculty members and over 1,500 staff engage in teaching, research, and extension
  • 1,000-plus people visit the Department of Entomology Web site daily
  • 4,000 plant samples are processed at the Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab annually
  • 20,933 acres comprise six substations
  • $31,713,353 in external research funding awarded
  • 45,000 cases a year are completed at the UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
  • 51,000-plus soil samples are analyzed at Regulatory Services each year
  • 7,000,000 Kentuckians engage with the Cooperative Extension Service at least once a year

Revised 7/23/2015

Photo Credit: Matt Barton, Ag Communications