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Office of the Dean

George E. Mitchell Jr. Award for Outstanding Service to Graduate Students

George E. Mitchell Jr. Award for Outstanding Service to Graduate Students

One award is given each year in honor of George Mitchell, an outstanding graduate student advisor and mentor. This award is to recognize outstanding career contributions to graduate training in the Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the University of Kentucky.

Past Recipients

2022- Kyle McLeod, Animal and Food Sciences

2021- Mark Coyne, Plant & Soil Sciences

2020- Ken Haynes, Entomology

2019- Alison Gustafson, Dietetics & Human Nutrition

2018- Sayed Saghaian, Agricultural Economics

2017- Jen White, Entomology

2016- James Matthews, Animal and Food Sciences

2015- Wuyang Hu, Agricultural Economics

2014- no award given

2013- Youling L. Xiong, Animal and Food Sciences

2012- Laurie Lawrence, Animal and Food Sciences

2011- Donald G. Ely, Animal and Food Sciences

2010- David L. Harmon, Animal and Food Sciences

2009- Elizabeth P. Easter, Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles

2008- Merlin D. Lindemann, Animal and Food Sciences

2007- Lisa Vaillancourt, Plant Pathology

2006- Robert Geneve, Horticulture

2005- Gary Cromwell, Animal Sciences

2004- Michael Reed, Agricultural Economics

2003- Daniel Potter, Entomology

2002- William Witt, Agronomy

2001- Kenneth V. Yeargan, Entomology

2000- Christopher L. Schardl, Plant Pathology

1999- Robert Harmon, Animal Sciences

Contact Information

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