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Consulting, Faculty Overloads and Conflict of Interest

Consulting, Faculty Overloads and Conflict of Interest

In recent years, entrepreneurial activities by college faculty members have become more frequent and often more complex. The university's dual objectives: supporting such activities for the public good while also protecting both faculty members and the institution's interests, occasionally come in to conflict, or may be perceived as being in conflict. The following resources are available to assist with understanding and properly documenting entrepreneurial activities so as to reduce instances of conflict of interest. 


University Policy Statements

To begin with, please read the following CAFE policy and University regulations regarding faculty consulting, overload and disclosure. 


2022-2023  Provost's Annual Memo on Consulting and Employment Outside the University


Consulting, Overload, and Disclosure in the CAFE

AR 3:9 Consulting and Other Overload Employment

AR 7:2 Financial Conflict of Interest Involving Research

AR 7:9 Institutional Conflict of Interest Involving Research

GR X Regulations Affecting Employment

Cooperative Extension Conflict of Interest Policy

HR Policy 18.0 Regarding Outside Employment for Staff

Use of Self-Authored Textbooks

Additionally, please see the Provost's August 19, 2014, statement regarding recent events related to Conflict of Interest policy at the University of Kentucky.

A Message from the Provost about Transparency and Accountability


Faculty Overload Documentation

Documentation and prior approval of employment outside of the university is important to protecting the interests of both faculty members and the institution. Historically, this documentation has been completed with a "Form F." As of Fall 2014, the process has moved online through the MyUK portal. The reference guides below may be helpful in completing the overload documentation. For additional assistance, contact the Office for Faculty Advancement and Institutional Effectiveness at 859-323-6589.

Instructions for Submitting a Faculty Overload Form 

Instructions for Creating Substitutions for Faculty Overloads 


Graduate Student Overloads

Graduate students are not permitted to work more than .50 FTE; therefore, any overload assignment must be approved through the Graduate School. This includes assignments in addition to full-time institutional fellowships. A Graduate Student Overload Form should be submitted to the Graduate School in the event an overload is needed. Remember to check the Personnel Assignment Details in PA40 to determine if other assignments exist for that individual. The Graduate School advises that overloads are not encouraged and that they could slow down the student's progress toward completing their degree. 


Policy on Serving as Fact Witnesses and Expert Witnesses

CAFE staff and faculty members are periodically approached by attorneys requesting assistance in the form of testimony in anticipated or pending litigation. The following policy covers these instances.

Serving as a Fact or Expert Witness 


Office of Sponsored Projects Administration

The Office of Sponsored Projects Administration is responsible for administering the Conflict of Interest Policy (AR 7:2). Their website has additional resources that may be helpful in understanding this policy. 

Office of Sponsored Projects Administration 

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