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Office of the Dean

Bee Keeping for 4-H Summer Camp

Bee Keeping for 4-H Summer Camp

Year: 2021
Project Leader: Nicole Blanzy
Department/Program: Kentucky 4-H Camping
Funding: $929

Each summer West Kentucky 4-H camp sees thousands of visitors from the surrounding 38 counties in the service area. In 2019 a new record was set with 3,200 campers. As part of a renewed agricultural education initiative at this facility, in 2019 a greenhouse and 12 raised beds were constructed to better connect campers with their food source and to inspire curiosity for the natural world. Agriculture Interns are carefully selected and trained to deliver experiential, place-based education. They will have the opportunity to reach up to 1,500 campers in 2020. The 2019 program was wildly successful and the goal of 2020 is to expand the offerings and reach. The camp has partnered with Butler County and will be receiving two honey bee hives this spring. Organizers look forward to offering lessons on pollinators, their role, and observing the wonders and order of a bee colony.  The objective of the new bee program is to offer a new close encounter with bees. While honey bees are not native to North America, they are fascinating and play an important role in our industry of agriculture. By learning about the care and operation of a hive the goal is for campers to be inspired to return to their home county and get involved with their local pollinator programs.

Contact Information

Dr. Nancy Cox, Ph.D.

S123 Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-4772