Office of the Dean
Office of the Dean

Clifton Strengths for Extension Audiences

Clifton Strengths for Extension Audiences

Year: 2023
Project Leader: Ryan Farley
Department/Program: KCES- Central Region Area 4
Funding: $1000

Woodford County Extension regularly engages with clientele groups that express interest in leadership development. These opportunities come both within existing Extension programming and also with outside groups that recognize the role Woodford County Extension can play in preparing community leaders. Including in these groups are county adult and youth leadership programs, advisory councils, and volunteer groups. In order to better serve these audiences I am in the process of completing my certification in CliftonStrengths from Gallup. CliftonStrengths is a popular leadership strength assessment tool. Participants take a 177 question assessment and then are sent results that highlight their top 10 strengths. Once certified, I will be trained to work with and coach individuals and groups to assess their results and provide additional insights into how they can maximize their strengths and work better with other individuals and in other situations.

The first part of this process is a two-day training that will take place on May 25th, 2022 and May 26th, 2022, utilizing both College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Professional Development Funds and county extension travel to pay for. I am applying for the Barnhart Fund for Excellence to help pay for the second part of the certification that will take place in the fall of 2022, titled Coaching Individuals, Managers and Teams. Once I have completed both parts I will be officially certified as a Strength's Coach and will be able to offer CliftonStrength's coaching to clientele groups in Woodford County and as a means of professional development for Extension groups, leaders and employees.

Contact Information

Dr. Nancy Cox, Ph.D.

S123 Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-4772