Office of the Dean
Office of the Dean

Exploring Aquatic Environments

Exploring Aquatic Environments

Year: 2016
Project Leader: Alexandria Bryant and Jenny Armes
Department/Program: Breckinridge County 4-H Council and Breckinridge County Middle School
Funding: $1,000

In 2015, the Breckinridge County 4-H Council was approached by local teachers who felt that youth did not have an understanding of the aquatic environment or its importance in Kentucky. Together we have planned an enrichment program, titled “Exploring Aquatic Environments” intended for middle school science classes. This enrichment program will consist of monthly hands-on labs that will prepare students with the skills and confidence they need to examine a watershed themselves during a field trip at the end of the program. We hope to spark an interest in the environment by highlighting Kentucky's own watersheds and showing youth the diversity and importance of our waterways, including career opportunities. This project will provide hands-on learning experience for approximately 240 youth in the county.

Contact Information

Dr. Nancy Cox, Ph.D.

S123 Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-4772