Office of the Dean
Office of the Dean

Field Visits to Distilleries

Field Visits to Distilleries

Year: 2023
Project Leader: Ilka Balk, Seth DeBolt, Glenna Joyce
Department/Program: James B. Beam Institute for KY Spirits
Funding: $1,000

We hope to offer 5-10 visits/year, depending on student interest and funding. Site visits are intended to add applied knowledge to our curriculum, which currently does not require internships or research experiences. To help our students in the Distilling, Wine and Brewing Studies Certificate better understand their place in the industry, we would like to expose them to a variety of different distilling and related business, such as bottling operations, cooperages, storage operations etc. Students will benefit from a learning experience outside the classroom, and from meeting industry professionals and learning from them in "their environment."

Contact Information

Dr. Nancy Cox, Ph.D.

S123 Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-4772