Office of the Dean
Office of the Dean

Women in CAFE: Empowering Our Future

Women in CAFE: Empowering Our Future

Year: 2016
Project Leader: Natasha Saunders, Quentin Tyler, Carol Hanley, Pam Sigler, and Esther Edwards
Department/Program: CAFE Office of Diversity
Funding: $1,000

Women in CAFE: Empowering Our Future will be a one-day program for faculty, staff, students, industry and community leaders in agriculture. The event aims to serve as a platform for the past, present, and next generation of Women in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. With only 28% women in CAFE faculty positions and 38% women in leadership (Dean, Assistant Dean, Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, and Chair positions), the program places emphasis on the importance of appreciating diversity in the workplace, recognizing and empowering women, and educating women on how to overcome gender barriers. The event will inspire students to continue their education and form mentoring relationships with women in agriculture. The program will include a lecture/seminar, a women’s empowerment luncheon, roundtable discussions and the presentation of awards honoring an alumnus, administrator, faculty, staff, and students. The awards will be presented in these areas: 1) Instruction, (2) Research, (3) Extension and finally (4) a Legacy Award to be presented to a current outstanding student in the recognition of an Outstanding Woman in Agriculture. The scope of this project will have statewide, national and/or international reach by honoring women who have had an impact in agriculture.

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Dr. Nancy Cox, Ph.D.

S123 Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

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