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Distribution of Effort

Distribution of Effort

How to Approve Distribution of Effort for Faculty

Faculty members should use the following steps to approve their Distribution of Effort by September 1 of each year. 

  1. Sign in to myUK.
  2. Select “Effort Planning” from either the Enterprise Services or the Faculty Services tab.
  3. Select the first link on that page.
  4. In the effort planning system, you will see a box that says “My DOEs”; click on the little arrow next to the correct fiscal year DOE inside that box.
  5. At the top of the DOE screen there is a green button that says "Sign DOE." Select that button to approve your DOE. 


More About Distribution of Effort 

As processes related to faculty evaluation, Distribution of Effort and the Effort Planning System are overseen at the college level by the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment, and all questions about Distribution of Effort and the Effort Planning System should be directed to the Assistant Director of Faculty Resources,

Distribution of Effort is related to a faculty member’s annual performance reviews and promotion and tenure. It is governed by AR 3:8 Faculty Workload Policy Statement. The way the effort is distributed guides how a faculty member is to be evaluated in the areas of research, teaching, service, administration, and professional development. Tenure and tenure-track faculty members’ effort in the area of teaching is expected to adhere to the College’s Guidelines for Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Distribution of Effort and the CAFE RoP Attachment E: Teaching Overload. Further, all faculty members are expected to have at least 5% service effort as covered in the College’s Guidelines on Service Distribution of Effort.

Distribution of Effort is administered through the Effort Planning System located on the Faculty Services and Enterprise Services tabs of MyUK. On these tabs, below the link for the Effort Planning System, you will find user documentation.

The final Distribution of Effort forms are printed by the Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment and filed in the faculty member’s standard personnel file as required by AR 3:8. Faculty members and academic unit staff may also print DOE forms for their records.

Questions about Distribution of Effort and the Effort Planning System should be referred to the Assistant Director for Faculty Resources at or 859-257-7249. 

Office of Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment

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