Please refer to the following instructions when preparing a faculty post-retirement appointment: 

  1. The faculty member initiates the process of retirement.
  2. The department chair or unit director initiates a request for a post retirement appointment by submitting the Post Retirement Appointment Form. Post retirement appointments may be no more than 12 months in length. The request should include the start and end dates of the appointment, a funding source, and the responsibilities and FTE% of the appointee. Post retirement appointments may be renewable after one year following an annual performance review.
  3. UK retirees returning to UK in a post- retirement appointment or in any other UK paid capacity, such as an HR temporary employment assignment) must complete an I-9.  See for information.
  4. Upon approval from the Dean, the Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment creates a Board of Trustees action in the Faculty Database, and sends an E02 to the department for signatures. The E02 must be signed by the faculty member, chair, and Associate Dean for Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment on behalf of the Dean before being sent to the Provost’s office for inclusion on the Board of Trustees agenda.
  5. The Board of Trustees approves the post retirement appointment.

A note on civil service post retirement appointments: Civil service employees must wait at least three days between the effective date of their retirement and beginning a post retirement appointment.


Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance and Post-retirement

On March 8, 2017 Associate Provost G.T. Lineberry and HR Director/Compensation Debbie Carwile met with CAFE department chairs and unit directors to discuss the FLSA. 

The UK policy on faculty and the FLSA is as follows:
The only title series on which FLSA has an impact is the Research Title Series.

This means that Research Title Series faculty, particularly those on phased retirement, must meet the minimum $47,476 threshold in order to remain salaried.  Research Title Series faculty whose phased retirement assignments fall below $47,476 must be paid hourly.

The FLSA has no impact on faculty in any title series in post-retirement positions.